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Nurture Your Spirit with The Healer‘s Touch by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT

December 11, 2021

Ep #49  Nurture Your Spirit with The Healer's Touch by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT    It's the end of year and you may wish to create some time and space for "Nurturing Your Spirit" with this musical meditations for deep "Rest & Relaxation".  This faith-filled musical meditation is available anytime of the day or night.  Bring your essential oils and breathe a deeper connection to your Savior and to the give of healing that He offers us all 24/7!  His is the gift of "The Healer's Touch". 

Adding all the five senses imprints deeper connections for heart, mind, body and spirit!  Karyn has devoted the last two decades of her life to ministering to those who stand in need of greater comfort, peace and tranquility.  


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