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Remembering Joy through Children’s Songs- Meet Gaynor Brunson

October 16, 2021

Ep #42 Remembering Joy through Children’s Songs- Meet Gaynor Brunson  Enjoy a wonderful podcast filled with amazing singers like Nathan Osmond and others, sharing the joy of children’s primary songs.

This collection was produced by Recording Engineer, Musician & Arranger, Gaynor Brunson,. This is Gaynor most recent product, entitled “Inspired Children’s Songs”!

Who is Gaynor Brunson?  Gaynor owns and operates his own engineering and production company in Provo, Utah at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Hence, the name of his company, "Rocky Mountain Recording Studio".  He is one of the most talented musicians, playing both the trumpet and drums with fervor and enthusiasm!

Gaynor, in his earlier years, often performed with his three brothers; touring as "The Brunson Brothers", who have been featured as a trumpet quartet, on the Johnny Carson Show and who also been seen on over 30 different television shows. 

Gaynor's talents include: recording, editing, engineering, composing, producing, recording and so much more!  Gaynor also seeks out some of the most talented musicians in America and utilizes that talent in bringing together amazing project, like! BlairMasters, who is a pianist for Garth Brooks!

Gaynor's most recently released project is featured in this fun podcast! Gaynor's production of "Inspired Children's Songs" CD is upbeat, fun and enlivening!

But wait... there's more that Gaynor is producing behind the scenes that is sure to wake up the world! Stay tuned!

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