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Heaven on Earth: An Enlightened Journey With Faith Based Chakra Balancing

September 3, 2021

Ep #36  Heaven on Earth: An Enlightened Journey with Faith Based Chakra Balancing Did you know that you are much more than your body?  Did you know that your body is your temple, your "vehicle" for your spirit to move about and pursue your mission, calling and purpose on earth with great passion!

In the Easternized World, the term "Chakras" refers to the energy centers in your body.  But, your spirit is greater than the bounds of your body!  In this episode, Karyn shares that exceeding the circumference of flesh, body and bone, your spirit exists!   

The magnificence of your Spirit shines in ways that is not visible to the human eye!  In this episode Karyn shares those layers which she calls "Chakras 8-12" which reside on the outside of your mortal frame.

In this faith-based process, you can breathe in your favorite single oils or blends as you close your eyes and breathe in this "Enlightened Journey".

Or you can order the "Cherishing: Blessings & Blends for Mending Broken Hearts with Healing Arts" by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT.  All the recipes for the 12 Faith-Based Chakra Balancing Set are included in her recipe book under the chapter title, "Heaven on Earth"!

What has been known for centuries as Easternized Chakra Balancing may be translated into balancing the Westernized approach to boosting the Endocrine System.

Opening: - Enlightened Journey

Chakra #8 - White Angel

Chakra #9 - Dancing in the Moment

Chakra #10 - Dancing with Joy

Chakra #11 - His Loving Arms

Chakra #12 - Heaven on Earth

Closure: Gratitude's Magnitude


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