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The Empty Bowl: A Double Portion of God’s Spirit

April 10, 2021
Ep #10 - "The Empty Bowl: Receiving A Double Portion of God's Spirit is the episode today!
Join Karyn as she shares beautiful stories from The Old Testament: "The Prayer of Jabez", "The Shunnamite Widow" and "The Widow of Zerepath". These stories have been near and dear to Karyn's heart as she traveled the road of "Coming Unto Christ" during her years as a single mother.
In this episode, Karyn shares three of her original songs, "A Cruse of Oil", "A Crust of Bread" and "The Empty Bowl".  She shares her joy in knowing that the women of ancient scripture have become her "Mentors & Matriarchs" as she too, traveled through times of uncertainty, placing her faith in Jesus Christ and His liberal gifts of "Double Portions of the Spirit".
Bring your journal and pen and your ancient oils of the bible.  Come and rest and relax as you listen to Karyn serenade you with songs about "The Widow of Zerepath" and "The Shunnamite Widow".  Write your feelings down as you listen and breathe in the blessing of knowing that like these ancient women who struggled through times of emotional, spiritual and even financial uncertainty, they were blessed with "double portions of God's Spirit!"
Questions to Ponder:  
In what way am I hungering and thirsting for a "double portion of God's Spirit?" 
Am I willing to come unto Christ with my heart full of faith in His love for me, even as the Shunnamite Widow trusted the prophet, Elisha in her day? 
How has the Lord blessed my life with a double portion of His gifts and blessings like the Widow of Zerepath who gave her last portions of flour and oil to bless the Prophet Elijah?
How has the Lord blessed me with blessings and gifts in His own way that are significant for me? 
If I am lacking anything at this time, am I willing to "Come Unto Christ" and ask for anything that I stand in need of? 
What would I ask Him for if I truly believed He would help me in my time of need? 
When would I be willing to try to exercise greater faith in Him?

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