The Stories She Sings

Dancing Your Divinity- Awakening Your Divine Essence

July 24, 2021

Ep #30 Dancing Your Divinity- Awakening Your Divine Essence

Bring ten of your favorite essential oils and breathe in each musical meditation and accompanying song! One essential oil per song!

Breathe in musical meditations and songs; “Divine Essence”, “Ancient Spirit”, “Little Child”, “Song of the Heart”, “Morning Star”, “Crown of Blessings”, “Merry Heart”, “Fullness of Joy” and “Single to His Glory”.

Slowly begin to monitor your breathing… Inhale and exhale…as you begin reconnecting to your divine senses; your sense of dignity, sense of divinity, sense of inspiration, sense of intuition, sense of innocence, sense of pure love, sense of pure knowing and more…

Using the art of aromatherapy can assist in the process of releasing old beliefs and reclaiming a restoration of your pure personality….

Enjoy these faith-centered “Musical Meditations” with the addition of the “blessings & blends” found in Karyn’s recipe book; “Cherishing: Mending Broken Hearts with Healing Arts” for Spiritual and Emotional Nurturing.

This podcast link becomes a beautiful morning, midday or evening meditation…created with love by, Karyn Lynn Grant

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