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Queen Esther’s Divine Appointment - Fulfilling Your Destiny

April 16, 2021

EP #11 - Queen Esther’s Divine Appointment: “Fulfill Your Destiny”

What is Your Purpose, Calling and Mission Here Upon Earth?

The premise of this podcast is to remind the listener that no matter what you have been through, as you look unto Christ, “doubting not, fearing not” you will come to a greater understanding of His purpose in sending you to earth with a work of your very own to accomplish for His glory.

In this episode, Karyn Lynn Grant, begins by taking you on a journey into the life of Queen Esther.  Karyn’s own original song, “Fulfill Your Destiny”, was written about the life of Queen Esther with the intention of inspiring her sisters in Christ to “Come Unto Him” in all of their own trials and afflictions; that they might better understand the purpose in each one of their own life’s experiences. 

This song encourages each one of us to awaken to our true identity and to begin the search as to our true purpose, calling and mission, by asking more questions and pondering in our hearts, God’s divine design for each one of our lives. 

As the story of Queen Esther unfolds, we realize that we too are like unto “orphans” upon this earth, in search of our true identity as the noble Children of God our Eternal Father.  We too experience adversities and forge through the process of overcoming each one of them, never truly knowing the differences our choice to be true to our faith and to our divine identity, will have upon generations to come.

As this podcast progresses, Karyn shares a few of her epistles which she calls “Love Letters From Heaven” that have ministered to her heart, while facing her own trials and tribulations.  As Karyn faced her own divorce and annulments, she faced the heartache that comes which the loss of a childhood dream.  As she continued to keep her “Daily Divine Appointments with the Lord”, importuning Him to bless her with an abundance of His Spirit, she felt an urgency to continue the search for her own divine identity.  As she followed her path, she was led to further deepen her relationship with God and to pay tribute to the precious Child of God in everyone she meets.

As you continue listening to the messages and music in this podcast, note that each and every musical message and accompanying song can become an “excerpt” to ponder and to meditate upon.   Each song in this episode is a “pure love song” to the Savior and builds upon the message proceeding it, to bring an increased sense of love, joy, peace and comfort to every woman as she faces her own private battles in her own life.  The epistles which flowed through Karyn’s heart are filled with divine assurances that we are all daughters of God, like unto Queen Esther, with our own divine destiny to fulfill.

The “Prince” referred to in “Dancing with Dignity” speaks of the Savior’s pure love for each one of His Children and His desire to awaken each one of us to the knowledge of our spiritual identity.  As we are awakened to our purpose, calling and mission it becomes our joy to help others discover the same.  We turn our hearts to helping others to visualize, understand and ultimately become the very best version of ourselves, clothed in robes of divinity and remembering our own divine attributes.


This podcast leaves us with a sense of yearning to discover the answers to the questions;


“Who Am I?”


“Why Am I Here?”


“What would the Lord have me do now, in this season of my life, to accomplish His purposes through me?”


“Who can the Lord inspire me to bless, minister and encourage on their own path to becoming the very best version of themselves?”


“Do I treat others with the same love, respect and honor that they deserve as a Child of God; sent to this earth to accomplish a mission, calling and purpose of their very own?”


“How can I best assist the Lord in awakening others to the truth of their Divine Identities; so that they might realize that they truly are sons and daughters of the Most Hight?”


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